Architectural shapes & Mouldings

Cornice molding is generally any horizontal decorative molding that crowns any building. It can also be used over a door or window. EcoBlock cornices are designed not just for decoration but also functionality.


Trim is a kind of decorative molding, typically around an open for example windows. EcoBlock offers a wide range of profiles.


EcoBlock keystone comes with many sises that can be coped to accomodate our arches, pediments and window heads. You can choose a pattern of EcoBlock Keystone that will blend finely with your decorating ideas or one that accents the whole house.


A louver adds ventilation to your building while creating an appealing aesthetic design. EcoBlock louvers are available either in opened, with screen, or closed so that insect and the like are kept out, while allowing air to flow through.


Bands are usually placed as a waist, chair or floor band indicating the separation between the second and first floor. Anyway you look at bands; they look great.


Curved structure that spans the opening between two piers or columns.


Columns are a very popular product and can dress up a pation, entrance, bath or any place where you want to demonstrate structure. Columns offered at EcoBlock are straight, tapered, fluted, spiral or rope etc.


Molding is a strip of material with various profiles used to cover transitions between surfaces or for decoration. EcoBlock offers the very best of stone/brick moldings.


Pediments are often heavily decorated architectural feature which are placed on top or within of a gable or structure. Can also be seen decorating window gable, front porches, and similar features.